A Loving Nurturing Astoria Daycare

Every child is a precious gift.  I learned this from my grandmother.  As a young child, my grandmother and aunt were my primary care givers….I was part of the first generation of day care kids.  They taught me unconditional love, provided structure and helped me to learn to be self reliant.  These are the lessons I bring to work every morning  to my Astoria daycare to share with your precious gift….

The Philosophy of our Astoria daycare is as follows:

Every child is unique and we help them shine.
We reward children for positive behavior so that their actions become habits.
We know the “work” of children is play.  We make their play fun and educational.

This poem sums up our philosophy:


From  Mother’s Earth

by Lenora McWhorter

I Am But A Childhand print - muliticolor

Look at me, I am but a child.
I won’t be grown up for awhile.
Let me enjoy my childhood days
Give me opportunities to run and play.

Let me make discoveries, give me space
That I might develop at a steady pace.
Let me be messy, let me explore
Then as I grow I will learn that much more.hand print - muliticolor flipped

I am very energetic though still quite small.
I run, climb, spill and that’s not all.
I am but a child in my own little world.
Inside me there are struggles and twirls.

I have not learned to share or sit still,
When I am older perhaps I will.
I am full of life and curiosity
But that is how I learn, you see.

I need your help in all I do.hand print - muliticolor
I need your love and approval too.
I need your patience day after day
So that I can grow in a positive way.

Play with me, smile at me, hug me too.
I need to know that I am accepted by you.
With your help and guidance, I’ll grow to be
all that you expect from me.

If you have questions please cal First Tiny Steps, a healthy nurturing daycare here in Astoria at 718-427-6852