First Tiny Steps, An Astoria Day Care, Provides A Healthy Nurturing Environment


First Tiny steps day care in Astoria offers a safe back yard play area

First Tiny steps daycare in Astoria offers a safe back yard play area that is completely fenced in and the no grass surfaces are padded

First Tiny Steps Day Care located on 38th St., between 31st Ave and Broadway in Astoria, is committed to delivering the healthiest


possible for your child.  Our day care facility is located on the first floor of a private home.  We have two separate rooms so that your child has variety as well as a program geared to his/her developmental level.  It also allows us to give some space between two children who may be having a tough moment dealing with one another.  The kitchen is separate and down the hall from the day care areas.  The spacious back yard is safe.  It meets all safety requirements including being completely fenced.  Our heat is provided by hot water rather than forced air, which is healthier for your child.  Additionally we run an air sterilizer and purifier that uses heated air to destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollens to maintain the healthiest possible day care environment.  Our goal is to have all of our young ones in an environment that we would want if they were our own.


20 Question to ask before you choose an Astoria day care provider.

Does the day care in Astoria:

  1. operate out of a first floor and not a basement?

    play room at First Tiny Steps - an Astoria day care

    First Tiny Steps, an Astoria day care, offers a safe, friendly learning environment that nurtures our children

  2. have rooms that are well lit and have good air circulation?
  3. have room separations to ensure your child receives peace and quiet throughout the day?
  4. have a separate kitchen?
  5. have Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors?
  6. have a fenced in backyard?
  7. have appropriate padding in backyard play area and is in code with safe fall height ratios?
  8. have a license?
  9. have a special education teacher on staff?
  10. have CPR, first aid and health and safety certifications?
  11. familiarize you with OCFS (Office of Child and Family Services) regulations?
  12. sanitize toys and play mats daily?
  13. have a program designed to promote healthy emotional development of your child?
  14. offer age-appropriate curriculum, toys and materials for the children?
  15. offer a program that encourages creativity and independence?
  16. offer a program emphasizing health, exercise and nutrition in order to prevent obesity?
  17. provide an air sterilizer and purifier to reduce the chances of the spread of
    separate eating and play areas in a day care in Astoria

    First Tiny Steps is a day care in Astoria that has separate eating and play areas to provide a safe, healthy environment

    colds and viruses?

  18. personalize your child’s needs?
  19. use daily routines as opportunities for learning?
  20. have hardwood floors and not carpet?

If it is important that your boy or girl attends  a day care in Astoria with a health and nurturing environment we believe you will be

very happy First Tiny Steps.  Feel free to give us a call at 718-427-6852 and arrange for a visit to see for yourself.  Our address is 31-51 38th St., Astoria, NY